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Lord Mortgage utilizes a different structure than most Lenders. Often times the person you start the process with (a Loan Officer) has very little experience regarding how to actually get the loan approved. Then once they take your application and collect all your documents your loan is reviewed by an Underwriter. This often results in a bad experience for you the Borrower.

At Lord Mortgage, each application is taken and documents reviewed by the Broker, Dan Lord. Dan has over 20 years of experience which include underwriting where he was the person actually approving the loan.

This benefits you because you will not spend valuable time restructuring your loan. Structuring a loan is very detailed and each Lender has areas they focus on while avoiding others.

Another benefit is Dan is your single point of contact as he takes full responsibility for your loan from application through closing. By having a single point of contact you’ll avoid timely communication break downs. This drastically reduces the down time most Lenders have when your loan file sits on someone’s desk waiting to review your file and hundreds of others.

A satisfied Borrower recently said it best: “It was the best mortgage experience because it was so personal, I felt like someone was holding my hand through the entire process.”

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