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At Lord Mortgage our goal has been to attract customers by offering the lowest mortgage rates and the best mortgage products. Like most businesses, we know exactly how our prices compare to other Banks, Mortgage Brokers and Lenders. Each business has its own unique way of earning your business.  Gas station constantly adjust gas prices and the grocery store lower prices to compete over bread, eggs and milk.  Mortgage companies also compete all compete for your business. Some mortgage companies attract Clients through, large expensive billboards or modern luxurious building. Lord Mortgage eliminates this huge overhead so we can pass this savings on to you. In 3 years we have not identified a Lender with lower mortgage rates, consequently the BBB allows us to advertise “Lowest Mortgage Rates in PA”.

It is a fact we have the best rates, but some Clients may now know how much difference a lower mortgage rate can save over time.  On average, Lord Mortgage is .375% less than other Lenders. You truly can save thousands of dollars as outlined below and we would love to help you compare our mortgage rates with any Lender.


How to Compare Mortgage Rates in Six Simple Steps

  1. Write down your goal. Are you purchasing your first home? Investing in a vacation property? Or just refinancing to lower your interest rate? Before you start shopping, make note of the following
    • Desired loan amount
    • Target Interest Rate
    • How much you can afford monthly
    • How many years do you plan on keeping the property
  2. Research online.  Ask others homeowners for referrals and identify 3 or more Lenders you would consider doing business with.
  3. Call or email each Lender.  Compose a template with the information listed in Step 1 and let each Lender know your goal and objective. It is very important to tell each Lender basically the same information so you are making equal comparisons when you receive their responses.
  4. Collect written estimates detailing Closing Costs, out of pocket requirements and interest rate quotes. Do not allow any Lender to pull your credit at this point or share your social security number. It could lower your credit score and worsen the best mortgage rate you qualify for.
  5. Compare each offer. Make certain each Lender reflects similar loan amounts and monthly escrow payments (if escrowing for taxes and insurance).  That way you are comparing “apples to apples”
  6. Contact the mortgage company with the best rate.  Be sure you get a written Loan Estimate and it matches the terms in the quote before moving forward.
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