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Some products may not be available in all states. Lending services may not be available in all areas. Some restrictions may apply.

These quotes do not mean in any way that you are pre-qualified for any loan program. Mortgage rates could change daily and you may not qualify for the rates displayed here.

Payments shown do not include your monthly escrow payments for home insurance or property taxes. Actual payments will vary based on your individual situation and current rates.

Lord Mortgage does offer other loan programs, lock periods and rates. These programs require a custom rate quote from our Wholesale Lenders. To receive a custom rate quote visit our APPLY NOW or CONTACT US pages.

Prior to Lord Mortgage processing your rate lock request, you must be pre-qualified and authorize the payment of a property appraisal. In order to be pre-qualified, you must complete our online application and authorize a credit report. Once this is complete, your information will be run through our Automated Underwriting System (AUS).

If you are receiving a Credit Towards Closing Costs please be advised that it cannot exceed the allowable closing costs associated with the loan. In no instance will you receive cash or have the credit applied to any other charges disclosed that are not identified as allowable closing costs.

The term of the monthly mortgage insurance on your new mortgage loan, if any, may be longer than that of your existing mortgage loan, if any, depending upon the terms of your existing mortgage loan.

Until you lock your rate, A.P.R. and terms are subject to change or may not be available at commitment or closing. Rates and APRs may vary depending on loan details, such as points, loan amount, loan-to-value, your credit, property type, and occupancy. ARM rates subject to increase during loan term. This is not an advertisement for credit as defined by section 1026.24 of regulation Z.

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