Why Choose Lord Mortgage?


Between our 20 year expertise, offering the most competitive rates, and various loan options, we beat out the leading mortgage industries. Your clients will have the best closed loans quickly and efficiently.

Top 5 Reasons Why Realtors Partner With Us

1. We close loans FAST! Three weeks? No Problem!

2. Our rates are the most competitive on the loan market today!

3. Experience! 20 Years in the Mortgage industry, Originating and Underwriting home loans.

4. We deliver more than the BEST Service. We have a FREE in-house courier.

5. We market your Listings. Our “Free Appraisal” yard signs generate calls and help your properties stand out.

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Our Pre-Approval Process


Our pre-approval process streamlines your clients to have paperwork and
underwriting completed before they even start searching for their next home.

On each pre-approval we issue, you can be certain:

  • Income is fully verified
  • Assets are fully verified
  • Pre-Approvals updated on every offer without having to re-pull credit

Stand out in a competitive market by partnering with Lord Mortgage Today!